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What types of damages can I collect after a car accident?

What types of damages can I collect in a car accident claim you ask?

This is an important question to know the answer to when you are involved in any type of auto accident and want to file a claim or lawsuit for financial recovery.

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In this article, we will share the most common damages you can get compensation for after a car accident.

What types of damages can I recover after a car accident?

There are two kinds of damages that you or your car wreck lawyer can help you collect compensation for when you file a claim after car accidents.

They are special /compensatory damages and general damages.

Special/compensatory damages

Special damages are easily pinned down and can be stated in terms of money because they are directly incurred in the course of the accident and after the accident.

These are economic damages that are directly incurred. They are things such as medical bills, towing fees, storage fees, and so on that resulted from a car accident.

General damages

As for the recovery of the general damage in car accidents, it may not be so easy to put a monetary value on them. It is often quite hard to determine what you can be compensated for.

Common kinds of damages you can file a claim for financial compensation breakdown

The money you can recover after an accident usually depends on the damage to the vehicle and the injuries that have been sustained. Bodily and property injuries are usually compensated.

If the vehicle is totally damaged, then you can recover its value or the cost of repairs done to it.

It also includes compensation for past and future medical bills and even other expenses, such as non-economic damages for things like humiliation, pain and suffering, anxiety, and so on.

Below are some of them.

Medical bills

It is possible to collect compensation for expenses such as medical bills, which are incurred after accessing services at a hospital, emergency room, ambulance fees, and nursing services.

It is important to produce proof that you actually incurred all the expenses as you received treatment for the injuries suffered during the accident.

Income loss

Sometimes a victim can be permanently or temporarily unable to go back to work. In such a case, the victim can collect money for the income losses. Usually, the calculation of income is straightforward but might be complicated in some cases.

Potential earnings
Potential earnings are another kind of damage you can collect for.

If a person is disabled after an auto accident, the future expected income or earning capacity reduction can be rather complex. Past earnings are sometimes used to make a determination of how much should be compensated for future lost earnings.

Property loss

It is possible for the victims to recover from a loss of property. These claims can be settled separately from bodily injury claims.

The property includes your car and other items on you or inside your car.

Emotional stress

This is also a bit hard to determine. It is the kind of distress one gets after a a car accident. Determining a compensation amount to offer will depend on how stressful the accident was. A car accident lawyer can be very helpful in this area.

Pain and suffering

This is mental or physical distress and it is possible for the victim to recover damages in such a claim or lawsuit. The financial recovery for this is usually based on how serious the pain is, the prognosis of future pain, and the kind of injury sustained.


They include things like emotional distress, loss of companionship, pain, suffering, and so on.

Consortium damages

An uninjured spouse of the car accident victim can file a claim for financial recovery if they are not able to reap the benefits associated with married life, by filing a separate damage claim.

This can include the loss of comfort, companionship, affection, and solace. These claims can also be made by the victim.

The awarded amount is usually based on life expectancies, marriage stability, and all other benefits that the marriage could have been deprived of due to the accident.

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