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How to choose the best car accident lawyer

Finding a good car accident attorney will maximize your settlement

How do I choose the best car accident lawyer you ask?

Finding and picking an attorney that is great for your case after an auto accident injury is an important step as it determines how much financial settlement you will get.

Keep reading to find out the best ways to choose car accident lawyers.

Here are how to find and choose a car accident lawyer

Below are some of the things I considered before hiring an attorney that helped me with a motor vehicle crash a few years ago.

1. Find an attorney that specializes in car accidents

When you want good representation, one thing you should do before choosing a car accident attorney is to ensure that they specialize in auto accidents.

You could find a general practitioner, but this is not the best choice. To find expertise and experience, you need a lawyer in the specialty field.

This ensures that they have the right experience. They are also conversant with the applicable procedures and laws in your case. 

You can search online by typing in “auto accident law firms near me” to help you find and select a law offices specializing vehicular collision.

2. Have experience handling claims like yours

When choosing a car accident attorney, find out whether they have experience in auto accident claims like yours.

Has the attorney handled auto accidents really similar to yours? In case of a vehicle accident, settle for lawyers that has engaged in cases close to yours.

3. How many years of experience do they have?

The years that a lawyer has been actively practicing matters a lot. The years of experience expose lawyers to different twists and turns.

Such experiences can be applied in court and give you an advantage, and a chance to win should your case go to trial.

A lawyer who has been active in car accident law for many years can be an asset and help you get the settlement you truly deserve. 

4. What type of verdict have they gotten for similar cases

Success in a personal injury negotiation or court trial means picking the best accident lawyer for your claim.

While any lawyer may represent you in a car accident case, you should pick one who has previously handled similar cases like yours.

Motor vehicle accident cases can be tricky, especially when determining liability.

Selecting the best lawyer for car accidents involves finding out the verdicts they have received in court after handling similar cases and their success rate. 

5. Select a law firm with personal injury court trial experience 

When trying to find out how to choose an auto accident attorney, one recommendation you won’t hear a lot is to hire a law firm with trial experience in car accidents.

This is because car accident cases rarely go to trial, they settle through negotiations, eliminating the need for lengthy court proceedings.

However, some cases reach the trial phase if negotiations don’t work.

To be ready for this, you need to hire someone who has trial experience should it get to that. 

6. A good car accident lawyer listens and is not pushy

Choosing a car accident attorney for your claim involves finding one who communicates well. A good lawyer takes time to listen to you without rushing.

A good attorney will also address
all your concerns should you have any questions. The best lawyer should offer regular updates and take you through all the steps. 

7. Get your medical treatment before your case settles

The last thing worth noting on how to choose an auto accident attorney law office is to find out if they can help you get extra help.

This includes medical treatment before the case settles without
the need for an upfront fee.

Experienced lawyers have relationships with different health
practitioners, such as chiropractors and doctors. Such an attorney can get you a deal with
such people, and they can wait for your claim to get settled to receive their payment.

8. Know how much their law office charge before hiring

Car accident lawyers like other personal injury attorneys typically don’t get paid unless they win the case.

This is because they are paid through the contingency fee arrangement.

In this type of arrangement, they will take a percentage of the total settlement amount.

So knowing how much the attorney and their law firm will take helps you decide if you will go with them or find another lawyer. It helps you avoid surprises when your settlement check comes.

9. Access to pre-settlement funds or lawsuit advance

Another thing to consider when looking to hire a good auto collision law firm is whether or not they offer pre-settlement funding.

After an accident, some people might be facing financial burdens. Lawsuit advance helps a lot in such situations.

So you want to make sure that you choose a lawyer who can help you get some money in your pocket before the case settles through lawsuit advances.


Lawsuit advance is a form of loan you get before your case settles.

It comes with a fee so make sure to discuss this with your attorney.

Some law firms offer it in house or they work with companies that give give their client favorable terms.

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I hope that you enjoyed this article and that it helped you know how to find and what to consider when choosing a car accident lawyer near you.

The next step is to speak to a free case review auto accident attorney to evaluate your situation and answer your questions..

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Emmanuel Okeke Legal contributor & reviewer

Emmanuel is a legal editor and contributor with over 10 years of experience in the legal field.

He brings the experience that he gained from working with injury law firms and personal experience as a victim of a car accident.