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Questions to ask a personal injury lawyer [Know what to ask]

What you should be asking an injury attorney revealed

Knowing what questions to ask a personal injury lawyer is important as it will help you pick the right one for your claim or lawsuit case.

In this article, I will share some of the important questions for a personal injury attorney I asked before hiring one when I was involved in a car crash a few years ago.

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Here're are the 7 questions to ask a personal injury lawyer in 2023

Below are questions for accident and injury law firms.

1. What are the fees?

This is an important question to ask a personal injury attorney. In most cases, contingency fees are applicable in personal injury and accident cases. In such a case, you only pay the lawyer once you recover damages.

Get to know the percentage applicable before your case begins. Get to know how the fees will be settled if the claim is unsuccessful. 

It is best to hire a no win no fee car accident and personal injury attorney.

2. How many similar cases have you handled?

Just because the lawyer calls him or herself a personal injury lawyer, you should never assume they are conversant with a case like yours.

Finding an injury attorney who has experience in the area where you need representation is an advantage. 

3. Will you devote enough time to my case?

Legal representation is a big deal, so you should include this in the list of questions to ask a personal injury attorney.

Some lawyers take many cases simultaneously, making it hard for them to concentrate fully on a single case.

Find a lawyer who can concentrate on your case since that means they will set it in motion and concentrate on getting it settled fast. 

4. When will the case be settled?

This should be one of the questions to ask a personal injury attorney. They should give you an estimated timeline and their plans.

Also, find out how long cases like yours normally take to resolve. Even though time can be affected by different factors, a good lawyer should be able to estimate. 

5. Who will represent me in court?

This is a good question to ask a personal injury attorney. A good lawyer would never speculate that a case will not go to trial.

They should anticipate any outcome as much as they give you the best representation. 

6. How much settlement should I expect?

Your lawyer should know what you should expect in the settlement, which translates to your case worth.

The attorney for personal injury should explain different factors affecting the outcome, such as pre-existing conditions, liability, and discovery. The lawyer should offer realistic estimates and explain his or her answer.

7. Will you be handling my personal injury case personally?

This is one of the most important questions to ask lawyers for personal injury because most firms will float their senior partners to get clients.

They then go MIA after you sign the agreement. Get the details and know exactly who will handle your case. 

A good lawyer understands the state laws of their client and can access state legislative resources. This is the best person to handle your case. 

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