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Hit by a car while on bike [What to do in a car bike crash]

Were you hit by a car while on a bike?

You're not alone as bike accident with cars is common for cyclists.

The good news is that you can get a financial settlement for property damage, pain & suffering, medical bills, lost wages, etc if you know what to do and take the appropriate steps.

Cyclist hit by car talking with law enforcement.

In this article we will share some of them like calling the best bicycle crash lawyers for a free consultation and hiring them, documenting the crash, getting information about the auto driver, etc.

Hit by a car while on a bicycle, here are the top 7 things to do if

Note that some of the steps to take after a bike accident involving a car depend on how serious or minor the collision is.

Some, one can do immediately while others like notifying insurance, talking to witnesses, getting a police report, etc, their family, or attorney for bicycle accident can handle later.

1. Call 911 for a cop and emergency services

Calling 911 right after a bicycle accident is one of the first things to do.

Never leave a scene of a bike accident with a car without a police officer present and get a report from the officer if you are capable (only leave if you are taken to get treatment at the hospital).

This will help you and your auto accident attorney when filing a damage recovery claim or lawsuit.

Ask for EMS if you are injured or not feeling

If you or someone is injured in any way or not feeling well request emergency services during your 911 call.

This ensures that those involved in the car versus bike crash get appropriate medical attention.

2. Document the accident

It is important to take pictures of the wreck both to the bicycle, car, injuries sustained, and other property damage after the accident.

If you can't ask someone to.

This helps the injury victim and the personal injury law firm representing them when filing a compensation claim or lawsuit.

3. Get the car driver's information

Make sure that you get the information of the auto driver that hit you.

Some of the information to request are their first and last name, insurance (ask to see it so you can take pictures), phone number, driver's license, etc.

4. Get eyewitnesses info

Getting as many eyewitnesses information as possible can save you later if the person that hit you lies.

I have heard stories of the person who hit a cyclist lying and blaming the crash on the cyclist when they spoke to their insurance company.

But eyewitnesses refuted those which helped the injury victim’s case.

5. Ask for the officer's info

When a police officer shows up at the bike accident scene, ask for their full name, badge number, station, etc.


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6. Watch what you say

When people are involved in a car bike accident collision, they panic and stressed out.

That could make them talk a lot and give out information that the insurance company could use against them to deny or reduce their claim settlement amount.

So it is best to only give basic information to the other driver, officer, and insurance. The less you admit the easier it will make the bicycle accident lawyer that will represent you.

7. Talk to and hire a lawyer for bike accidents

After being hit by a car while on a bicycle one of the most important steps is to speak with and hire a law firm.

After the crash dealing with insurance companies, medical bills, etc, is usually stressful.

But those are things personal injury law offices handle. They will deal with the insurance company, get the police reports, gather evidence, get you medical care, get you financial settlement for lost wages, pain & suffering, property damage, etc.

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