Car Accidents Questions To Ask

7+ best questions to ask a car accident lawyer of 2023

Knowing the best questions to ask a car accident lawyer before hiring their law firm after an auto crash is very important.

A car accident is an emotional life event that a good attorney for a car accident is recommended to help you navigate.

In this article, we will share some of what you should be asking an accident lawyer during your free consultation before hiring their office.

These questions for injury law office will help you select the one suitable to handle your case.

The 7+ best questions to ask a car accident lawyer before hiring them

What should I ask car crash attorneys before hiring one?

The answers are below.

1. Do you have experience in car accident cases like mine?

One of the questions to ask a car accident lawyer is the kind of experience they have. A lawyer who has handled cases similar to yours can give a better representation, especially if they have done it successfully.

2. Who will be handling my case, you or someone else?

This is another question that must be asked. In many cases, you vet and hire an attorney only to have the case handed to a paralegal or a junior partner.

Even though they could still be capable of handling the case, you should ask your lawyer who will handle the case to the end. It is always better to work with the lawyer you picked yourself.

3. How much does your law office charge?

Car crashes are one of the public health issues in the U.S according to the CDC. Crashes cause minor to serious injuries and, at times, death.

In any case, monetary compensation is important. And you will need to hire an experienced injury or accident law office to help you.

You must ask the law office about their charges and decide whether they are fair.

Know whether the fees are paid on a contingency basis and whether you must pay for the consultation.


A large percentage of auto crash claim law firms offer no win no pay( they take a percentage of the settlement), and free consultation attorneys. So you should not be charged until the case settles nor for a free consultation.

4. What percentage of your practice is in car accident cases?

This is another good question to ask a lawyer. Working with a law firm that handles many or just car accidents is an added advantage.

5. What makes your law firm different than other auto crash law offices?

You should find out what makes the law firm stand out. This should be included in the questions you ask to boost your confidence and affirm that you picked the best.

Some law firms go over and beyond to handle your case promptly and within the law, while others are lazy and have terrible communication.

6. Can I speak to former clients for a reference?

A good auto accident law firm should have nothing to hide and may disclose some past cases for reference.

An attorney confident about their work should not be rattled by the idea of you seeking references from his or her clients. This makes this one of the best questions to ask a lawyer for crashes.

7. How they communicate with clients

The last question to ask a lawyer on this list is how they will keep you posted about the case.

A good attorney will inform you throughout the litigation period and walk you through the trial phase. The lawyer should give a contact person who can answer calls and answer any queries you may have.

8. What if my case doesn't settle, do you have the trial experience to go to court?

Even though, a huge percentage of personal injury claims and lawsuits settle, not all will.

So you want to hire a lawyer who is willing, not afraid, and have the trial skills to take your case to court. Especially, if you have a strong case.

Why you should ask the above questions to a car crash attorney

Your goal as an injury victim of a motor vehicle accident is to hire the best attorney to represent you and get you the most financial compensation.

So to hire the right lawyer that you will get along with and will handle your case properly, you need to ask questions to help you pick that great one.

How the attorney answers your questions will indicate if they are a good fit or not.

Follow your intuition and speak to multiple personal injury law firms.

Speak to a law firm now!

Now that you have gotten the information on the best questions to ask a car accident attorney, you should now speak to one.

Schedule a free law office consultation to ask questions and find out what your legal options for compensation are.

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