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Serious car accident vs fender bender accident

Minor accidents versus major accidents explained

Serious car accidents and fender bender are different types of accidents you like to know about.

Thousands of accidents happen each year, but not all are classified as serious.

These car collisions can either be serious and result in fatalities or very serious injuries. Or they are minor fender benders.

In this serious vs fender bender accidents article, we will help you understand the differences.

So, what is the difference between a serious and fender bender accidents?

What's the difference between serious accidents and fender benders?

Sometimes there is no clear definition between a minor and a serious car accident.

You may walk away from a serious accident without any injuries while another person can be involved in a fender bender accident and is seriously injured.

The most common types of automobile accidents a car wreck lawyer can help you with

Auto accidents can happen in different kinds of situations. They can occur because of reckless driving on the highway, traffic where bumper-to-bumper accidents occur on the streets, and even in parking lots.

The collision usually affects the injuries that result from the accident. Common accidents a car wreck attorney can help you with include:

Rear-end collisions

This is when a car crashes into another that is in front of it. Deceleration and acceleration are the most common cause of these accidents.

This type is normally considered a fender bender but sometimes they can be serious depending on how hard a car was hit.

Side impacts

These are also referred to as T-bone collisions and they occur on the side of a car. The impact is caused by another vehicle or a fixed object.

Sideswipe collisions

This happens when the sides of parallel cars swipe or touch one another. Often, they only end up with cosmetic damage to the cars. These types of accidents are usually considered fender benders.


This is when the vehicle flips to the roof or side. This is often due to sharp turns conducted at very high speeds. They normally lead to serious injuries

Head on collisions

This occurs when the two vehicles hit each other on the front ends. These are often fatal.

Single car accidents

In such a case, only one vehicle is involved. The auto may strike stationary objects like walls, fire hydrants, trees, pylons, and so on.

Multi-vehicle pile-ups

These are also referred to as multi-vehicle collisions. They usually involve many vehicles. The pile-ups normally occur on freeways and highways, often during severe weather conditions. This is one of the deadliest accidents that can happen.

The solid mass of the crumpled vehicles makes it very hard for anyone to make it to safety. If a fire erupts during such an accident, it spreads very fast making things even worse.

Whether you were involved in a serious or fender bender accident, get auto accident lawyers to help as they are the best legal professionals to handle such issues because they understand the law.

Note that injury attorneys do not charge upfront but from the compensation they collect for you.

What to do after a minor or serious auto accident

During a serious or minor accident, many people only exchange information and things end there. Exchanging information is important because some injuries are not significant immediately after the accident.

It is always important to get the police involved and also seek the assistance of a car accident lawyer to handle your case.

Investigating any case, regardless of how minor it is can really help, especially if serious injuries arise. It is common for a person to walk away from an accident without any apparent injury only to be unable to get out of bed without assistance the next day.

Allowing an investigation makes it possible for evidence to be collected.

Contact a car crash lawyer for FREE case review

You need to call an auto accident lawyer as soon as an accident occurs so as to initiate the legal process regardless if you had a fender bender or a serious accident you are involved in.

An attorney will help you get compensated.

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